Spring Forward

Welcome! For my first blog post, I'm going off topic. As much as I love creating art for licensing, my attention wanders when spring appears. There are flowers to plant, seeds to disperse in the vegetable garden, and birds to watch.

Spring delivers so many delights. If the winter holidays are anticipated for their delectable, once-a-year, edible treats, springtime delivers on a whole other sensual level. The bright, backlit, lime green baby leaves sprouting all along tree branches, the jolly yellow daffodils and goblet-sized tulip heads bobbing in the breeze, and the birds - my favorite. "My" doves are back, shopping the window boxes for their next nursery. My joy can hardly be contained. An opportunity to watch another nest be built, twig by twig, into a perfectly imperfect little circle which will contain two lovely little white eggs.

And then that magical day, after several weeks of parental vigilance, a teeny ball of fuzz emerges, then another. I watch as mom and dad take turns feeding the babies. They're greedy little buggers. They grow until the fuzz gives way to feathers, barely covering the architecture of the spines that will support their weight as they fly.

I've watched two broods hatch and fly away, and it looks like another dove couple will choose one of our window boxes for a new generation of dovlets. I've seen it all before, and still I can't wait to watch again.

Dove couple 2014